Seo Tips Terbaru Untuk Blogger Pemula

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BLOGGER INDONESIA: Ikatlah Ilmu Dengan Menuliskannya
Seo Tips Terbaru Untuk Blogger Pemula-SEO Search Engine Optimization means a lot of different things as compare to other people.In short SEO is a strategy that makes you to improve your web site or blog search engine ranking.It also means to design your website blog or content with such elements that increase your page ranking in search engine without spending money.

The goal of seo is to increase your web or blog traffic and visitors by ranking your web in search engine.When you search on a topic on google it shows you millions of results for that.Doing the same thing does not means not to do it means to do the same thing in a different way that is called SEO today blogger has more than 3 million users that blog every day.It does not means that you do not blog.It means you do in a different way that is by means of seo.Use search engine optimization tools and elements to built your blog so that is become different than other people who are blogging.
Use the following tips provided to improve search engine ranking.

Which Topic Will Rank Your Blog.
Always select that topic about which you have full knowledge and you can write about that.Once you have selected the topic search it and read the top most result and compare your knowledge with that if you think you know more than start writing your content.In this way you can take its place in search engine.If you think your topic very important and you want to write than keep on focusing by buying book and studying further on.Internet first improve your knowledge and than write this will improve your ranking in search engines.

Blogger Can do Well in SEO.
Find out the editor software in which you are going to write your content.As i am talking about the blogger and i think it is the best one of all others because it provides you dual mode of editing content html editor or text editor.I also strongly recommend the use of blogger software What keywords are best for your blog...? What keywords are best for your blog...?
Keyword: BLOGGER INDONESIA: Ikatlah Ilmu Dengan Menuliskannya.
Most of people do not know what are keywords Keywords are not what you call your content stuff or products.These are phrases that your visitor will type in search engine to find your blog Keywords are two to five words phrases that you expect your visitor will type to find your blog. Most of people write single word keywords these are not well targeted because single words have a tough competition among the millions of sites. If you think about a word free it can do nothing alone.

If you search it in any search engine your will find more than 10 millions results so dont write it as single keyword make its phrases from 2 to 5 words.This will work better Same is the case with download and other words in relevant fields Longer keywords are easier to rank well.Finding keywords is not so difficult just think yourself as a visitor and write keywords. What your content is and tells about and what problem does it solves:
 # Check out tags of your competitors website.
 # Make related searches on search engines.

Take help from google keywords suggestion tools such as google sets and google suggest.The goal of keywords is to bring traffic to your site or blog.Type separate keywords for each page and post of your blog.Dont write more than 20 keywords for each in this way you will loose your keyword density.Use small alphabets and spellings should b correct.Do not use hyphens because most of search engines treat it as space.If you write email it will be considered as e mail not as email so you may loose some traffic that search with email other wise you can also get some traffic that type email or email In such case use with and without hyphen.

Role of Meta description tag in SEO.
When we talk about meta tags two terms come in our mind keyword meta tags and description meta tags Keywords are already described Meta description tags also have the same importance as keywords have.In these tags you describe your content or page in few lines.Some search engines my display meta description tags as par of search result but keywords tags may not be displayed.Meta description tags should be few sentences in the form of a paragraph and use your various keywords and describe your page and its purpose.Many search engines shows description snippets in their search results.Some time search engine could not read your page some time too many pictures or videos are there in that case meta description tags play very important role in finding your site.Meta tags also tell a search engine about the language of your site or blog.Without meta tags your blog will not be shown even to a single person.

Use Meta Tag.
Importance of blog title in Blog Ranking.
Blog page or post title is one of the most important attributes of the blog in search engine optimization A good page title along with meta description improves page ranking. Do not make title like well come to my blog well come to "BLOGGER INDONESIA: Ikatlah Ilmu Dengan Menuliskannya" same way some people use software gallery all type of software download software these are wrong and decrease page ranking.People think that such page title will drag traffic that will type any of their page title element.In this case search engine fails to crawl your page and could not recognise your blog or web. In blogger if you don't write title than it shows numbers after your blog URL when you open that page.In all above cases search engine fails to find what type of blog is it This is also not good what you have to do is to select a proper page title.Your page title should have keyword in them not all the keywords just one Select separate title for each page or post.

Seo Tips Terbaru Untuk Blogger Pemula.
Use page title hack for blogger that hacks title of each page from blog title+page or post title to page or post title+blog title.Without title hack if you publish a post or page it will show blog title before the post title In order to make your blog.Search engine Friendly use title hack that will hack title of your blog and it will show post or page title before the blog title.

Repeated Key words Improve Ranking.
Try to repeat your keywords in your content For example your keyword is Tips Seo Untuk Blogger Write it in content for the repeated time in such way that SEO come at one place and BLOGGER INDONESIA come at other part of the content.Make Headings subheadings bullets for keywords and also use ALT attribute in image for keywords.You can set ALT attribute manually in HTML of blogger image.Before uploading image files or other use their name as keywords.

Irrelevant content decrease Ranking.
If your blog contain irrelevant article visitor will visit only once and he will not find it help full Such article can not gain the attention of the visitor So always write to the point content. Similarly do not copy others content if you do so search engine will find a copy of both and will not rank your page. Concentrate upon the quality of the content not upon the quantity.There is a lot of quality content on Internet search it and read for more knowledge to write your own.You can also take help from your friends to write for you or look search engines for additional data.If you cell products or write about some thing than contact to the manufactures or company site to get official data from them. If you can not write good content then you can buy articles from writers or say to your friends to write for you and you will pay him money.

Link Exchange.
Search on your topic and find top blogs about your article.See whether the author allows you link exchange or not.If he does then exchange link with him.People who know well about marketing will surely exchange link with you Past a link of his blog on your and say him to past your link In this way you can get a good sum of traffic.Thank you very much Seo Tips Terbaru Untuk Blogger Pemula.


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